Day: December 16, 2014

TREC response round-up

I’ve been trying to keep an eye on responses to the final report form TREC.  Reactions have covered the gamut from enthusiastic to cynical, but nearly all have been able to see some positives in the report.  Everyone also seems to acknowledge the terrifically large and complex mission of the task force, and appreciating that their work was undertaken in good faith and concern for our church.

Anyway, below are my gleanings so far;


Nurya Love Parish offers up a short and […]

Church of England expected to name first female bishop Wednesday

News sources in the UK are reporting that, just four weeks after the CoE’s General Synod changed Canon Law, the first female bishop is expected to be named on Wednesday

From the Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph understands that a female priest has been chosen as the new Bishop of Stockport which has been vacant since May when […]

Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop issues update

The JNCPB has issued an update in their work towards nominations for the election of the next Presiding Bishop. The statement can be found here

Video interviews were conducted with bishops entering the discernment process with the nominating committee. Members of the JNCPB will meet in January to review video and written materials prior to inviting candidates to in-person meetings with the committee in the Spring.

From the statement:

JNCPB committee member Nina Vest Salmon (Diocese of Southwestern Virginia) comments, “Episcopal church leadership […]

The Green Report

The Bishop of Ely has issued a statement commending The Green Report, a study on the development of senior clergy in the Church of England. Describing the priorities of the report, the Bishop notes

The framework prioritises:

Supporting bishops and deans in their discipleship and so enabling them in their ministry as confident leaders and evangelists releasing energy for mission and growth
Enabling bishops in their individual and collegial leadership of the Church and in the Nation
Developing those who may be called to […]


Since the distressing and ultimately deadly siege of an Australian cafe over the weekend, a hashtag has aimed to counter potential anti-Muslim backlash in the region by offering support and solidarity with Muslim Australians: #IllRideWithYou.

The Atlantic reports that behind the heartwarming reponse lies very real fear, quoting a tweet from an ultra-right wing group calling on “all Australians” to converge on a largely Muslim suburb of Sydney if anyone in the hostage situation was harmed. Since the hashtag went viral […]

TREC report: overnight responses – UPDATED

TREC report: overnight responses – UPDATED

The release of the report from the Task Force for Reimagining the Episcopal Church yesterday has so far produced a lot of reading and a few initial comments, but it will likely take a couple of days for fuller responses to be framed. One exception is the Crusty Old Dean (the Very Rev Tom Ferguson, Dean of Bexley Hall Seminary), who found time yesterday to pore through the report and offer his reactions.

Crusty gives the task force credit for naming […]

Speaking to the Soul: Called to Greatness

Speaking to the Soul: Called to Greatness

Luke 1:26-38

How many girls do you know have been painted by DaVinci and sculpted by Michelangelo…who’ve been serenaded by Bach and Schubert… who’ve been praised by Augustine and Aquinas… who’ve been venerated over the ages by a constant stream of devotions? Or more to the point, can we ever hope to know anyone after they have been so endlessly exalted? This Sunday let’s try. And let’s see what we can learn from Christ’s earliest and closest earthly companion.

In the first […]