Day: November 13, 2014

#Pointergate: to some people, anything a black man does with his hands is a gang sign

You can find a depressing tale about the state of race relations in the United States any day just by Googling the right terms. But even on a bleak landscape, the story of #Pointergate stands out. If you are just catching up with this story, which involves an attempt to smear Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges […]

35 years later, the case of American nuns murdered in El Salvador remains fresh

There was a time when the U. S. government was at war with faithful Christians, just as Fox News would have you believe. But that time isn’t now. It was in the late 1970s and 1980s in El Salvador. This New York Times story about the efforts to deport two of the Salvadoran generals who […]

Keeping Advent

While the rest of the world lights up for the mid-winter season’s crazy blend of commercialism, festival and cultural Christianity, most of our Episcopal Church’s remain externally dark, unadorned, and preciously uncontaminated by the happy secularism all around us. But why?