Day: November 1, 2014

Roger Ferlo speaks on the ecology of theological education

In a recent convocation at the Columbus, OH campus of Bexley-Seabury, President Roger Ferlo spoke about the ecosystem of theological education which includes, families, congregations, pastors, mentors, dioceses (and especially Commissions on Ministry), seminaries and Anglican studies programs, the Board of Examining Chaplains + the General Ordination Exam (GOE), Episcopal Schools, college and miltary chaplaincies […]

Is opting out a kind of empowerment or just giving up?

In these final few days prior to the mid-term elections, PewResearch looks into the demographics of those least likely to vote. They are younger, more racially diverse and facing greater economic challenges than those most likely to vote. The research suggests that large numbers of non-voters are just not plugged into the electoral process.