Day: September 27, 2014

Wayward tongues

Psalm 66, 67 (Morning)

Psalm 19, 46 (Evening)

Hosea 2:2-14

James 3:1-13

Matthew 13:44-52

You know, in this modern era of medical science, there are a lot of parts we can fix or replace. When we begin to lose some spring in our step, a little titanium in the form of a knee or hip replacement can put us right. We can stent or bypass the clogged vessels of our heart. We can correct our failing eyesight with glasses, and we can […]

Leadership, community, and the current crisis at General Seminary

by Andrew Gerns

On Friday, the follow up letter from the faculty to the students describing in more detail what it going on, there is still some question as to what is going on.

The conflict has nothing to do with pay, hours, job description, benefits, or perks. There is none of the traditional pocket-book labor issues at stake.

This is not a disagreement over the need for change to they way we do theological education or the way we prepare clergy for […]