Day: September 6, 2014

This little light of mine

Psalm 63:1-8(9-11), 98 (Morning) Psalm 103 (Evening) Job 25:1-6,27:1-6 Revelation 14:1-7,13 “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.” We live in a world where the dynamic illuminating tension vacillates through a spectrum that ranges from the mega-watt spotlights of celebrity-dom to the faint firefly-sized blink of …

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Episcopal Chaplain at Yale resigns

The Rev. Bruce Shipman has resigned as Priest-in-charge of the Episcopal Church at Yale. This comes in the wake of the controversy that arose because of a letter he wrote to the New York Times on August 24 saying that the rise of anti-Semetic demonstrations in Europe is linked to the Israel-Palestinian conflict in Gaza.

Does your diocesan annual meeting need a rethink?

The same day the Taskforce for Reimagining The Episcopal Church (TREC) issued its “Letter to the Church,” the Diocese of Virginia issued “A Letter from the Bishop: Important Updates on Annual Council.” What changes has your diocese made to its annual convention? Were the innovations successful?