Day: September 1, 2014

“Calvary” …a case of misplaced atonement

By Bonnie Anderson and Dan Webster The striking austerity and dramatic contrasts of the Irish coast landscape is the setting for this remarkable film. Like the dangerous beauty of Sligo County, Ireland, this film is a masterful study in the juxtaposition of gentleness and violence, humor and seriousness, life and death, sin and forgiveness. Father […]

All Faithful Can launched as faithful response to misogyny

Today, three Episcopal priests launched a new website, entitled All Faithful Can–a play on the earlier hashtag: #yesallwomen. The priests: the Rev. Jordan Haynie Ware, the Rev. Robert Berra, and the Rev. Jocelynn Jurkovich-Hughes, have set up the site to be a safe space for women’s stories of experiencing misogyny inside and outside of the […]

Voices of Faith at the Ferguson rally

The Religious News Service posted a video interviewing different clergyfolk at march on Saturday, August 30, in Ferguson, Missouri. The video and full article can be found here. Though this one did not make as much news as those that occurred over the previous three weeks, it was the largest daytime march to occur since […]