Day: August 29, 2014

But You Don’t Know Me

AM: Psalm 16, Psalm 21:1-7(8-14); PM Psalm 110:1-5(6-10), Psalm 116, Psalm 117 Job 9:1, 10:1-9, 16-22 Acts 11:1-18 John 8:12-20 Often when I read the readings for the day I can’t easily make a connection between them or, if I can, it’s a very tenuous one. Today, though, with each of the three lessons all […]

ISIS and the crisis of meaning

News of the horrific violence perpetrated by members of the group ISIS, or IS, on Muslims, Christians, and other minorities continues to shock the world, and their deft use of social media propels their message. Now comes news that young people from the US and UK are among their most ardent recruits. How do we make sense of this phenomenon?