Day: August 4, 2014

Pullman finds much to admire in Jesus

Phillip Pullman, whom the New Yorker once called ‘the most outspoken atheist in Britain’, wrote the young adult trilogy, His Dark Materials, which cemented his reputation around the world, and gained him notoriety among conservative religious folk.

Uganda’s Archbishop disagrees with the High Court

The Anglican archbishop of Uganda has spoken out against the decision of the Constitutional Court, which overturned the law imposing harsh penalties on ‘homosexual acts’, on Friday. The court determined that the parliament lacked the necessary quorum when it passed the law earlier in the year, drawing criticism from Western governments and religious leaders around …

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Radical Empathy in Gaza

As the world watches the situation in Gaza crumble day by day, Rabbi Jill Jacobs writes an op-ed in the Washington Post calling for ‘radical empathy’ as a way to bridge the divide. She defines radical empathy as opening oneself up to the pain and suffering of the other, at the moment when you have …

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