Day: June 29, 2014

Holy Communion

The Eucharist makes us available to the ever-changing and changeable God, the Creator who loves each of us beyond our capacity to understand. Immanuel, God-with-us, who is always alive in our hearts makes himself felt through this liturgy and yanks at us from the inside. It also makes us available at our cores to one another. It crosses all our differences to make us one people, one family, one Body.

Ramadan Reflections

Yesterday marked the beginning of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting and prayer. In the Huffington Post Religion section, several prominent Muslims offer personal reflections on Ramadan that go beyond fasting, including a reflection on what it means to be human by Qamar Ul Huda of the U.S. Institute of Peace:

Mad Men Christianity

In a column from Religion Dispatches, Willie James Jennings, Associate Professor of Theology and Black Church Studies at Duke Divinity School, sees a “counterfeit Christian” community emerging amongst Republicans in Congress. For Jennings, this has significant implications for the whole of Christianity in America: