Day: June 11, 2014

Evangelicals, colleges at odds over anti-discrimination policies

Here is a trend likely to divide Cafe readership between those who believe that religious organization on U. S. campuses should have to play by the same rules as every other organization, and those who believe that religious organizations should be open only to those who uphold, or perhaps at least respect, the tenets of […]

Examining the cost of the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, the largest sporting event in the world, is about to kick off in Brazil this week.   Soccer, or football, as the rest of the world calls it, is the most popular sport in the world–best attended games, most fervently followed, most widespread.  And its worldwide Super Bowl kicks off this […]

Voices of Wisdom

The Elders. Founded by Nelson Mandela, it brings together people of vision who also happened to have been leaders of different nations and whose expertise span a number of topics from world peace to gender issues. The focus of The Elders is making the world better in a way we would consider prophetic. They see […]