Day: June 9, 2014


O Lord, grant us that love which can never die, which will enkindle our lamps but not extinguish them, so that they may shine in us and bring light to others. Most dear Savior, enkindle our lamps that they may shine forever in your temple. May we receive unquenchable light from you so that our […]

A look at our favorite word: missional

There were few words more popular at General Convention 2012 than ‘missional’, (except perhaps for ‘nimble’). Helpfully, and perhaps in preparation for General Convention 2015, Ed Stetzer, a blogger at Christianity Today, has written a series on the meaning and origins of the word. In 5 parts, he talks to the professor who first used […]

New Welby bio guesses at his conversion

It has long been known that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, had a conversion to Christianity when he was a young student in college. Welby himself has described his conversion under the influence of evangelicalism at Cambridge. A new biography that will be released June 26, however, theorizes that an incident that happened much […]