Day: May 29, 2014


Elizabeth Dias of Time is monitoring an intriguing hashtag. She writes: The shooting spree in Santa Barbara, Calif. on Friday–and suspect Elliot Rodger’s manifesto against women that appears to have been behind it–prompted an online conversation critiquing the beliefs society instills in men about women. But alongside the #YesAllWomen hashtag cropped up another one–#YesAllBiblicalWomen–as people …

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There is a new group in the Episcopal online world, which already has quite a presence on Facebook and is beginning to make a mark on Twitter. we are going to let them tell their own story:

The real origins of the religious right

Randall Balmer punctures the religious right’s self-flattering account of its origins in a piece for Politico’s magazine. The leaders of the movement have argued, after the fact, that their political involvement stemmed from the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Roe v. Wade. But Balmer knows better: