Day: May 10, 2014

Priest ponders our selective compassion about distant tragedy

Frank Strasburger, retired Episcopal priest and co-founder of Princeton in Africa, an international fellowship organization, wrote a compelling Washington Post piece this week about our capacity to care about some tragic events that happen far away while we ignore others: A capsized ship. The cowardly captain first to jump ship. Hundreds dead. I’m talking about […]

Was HGTV right to pull show featuring right-wing house flippers?

Cathy Lynn Grossman of Religion News Service takes issue with HGTV’s decision to cancel plans to feature twins David and Jason Benham in a new show, “Flip It Forward.” HGTV pulled out of a deal with the brothers after circulated video of them making anti-gay, anti-choice statements at a political rally. She writes: It’s […]

Justice Thomas: Constitution does not bar adoption of state religion

As the U.S. Supreme Court pondered the question of prayer at government meetings, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote this week that the First Amendment of the Constitution does not preclude states from establishing state religions if they choose to do so. From the Wall Street Journal Law Blog: While the rest of the Supreme Court argued […]