Day: May 8, 2014

NFL star gives anti-bullying talk at Episcopal school

DeSean Jackson, a new member of the NFL franchise based in Washington visited St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, earlier this week to talk about the need to put an end to bullying. The Washington Post covered the visit, and there is more information on the school’s website, including this: Jackson was inspired to […]

Standing Committee receives continuing indaba report

The Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion is meeting in London. The most encouraging part of the initial report from the meeting deals with the “continuing indaba” initiative: Canon Dr Phil Groves, Director for Continuing Indaba, presented an update on the project. He said that Archbishop Welby’s focus on reconciliation had added fresh impetus to […]

Dionne: Supreme Court failed empathy test in prayer ruling

The five justices of the U. S. Supreme Court who voted to permit sectarian prayers before public meetings failed to imagine how religious minorities experience those prayers, writes E. J. Dionne in The Washington Post. Religious liberty, wrote Justice Elaine Kagan in her dissent, is based on “the breathtakingly generous constitutional idea that our public […]

Continuing The Celebration

It would be nice if we could all keep Christmas and Easter in our hearts every day, all year, wouldn’t it? Only that’s not the way it is for me, I know. I think my way of living into the Resurrection is to make art that invokes the feeling of that stone being rolled away […]

Being Oned with God

The Feast Day of Dame Julian of Norwich The writings of Julian of Norwich, so accessible in this wondrous day of the free online libraries, are some of my favorite things to muse upon. Since she was a contemporary of Chaucer and wrote in English, I have no need of a translation, though it does […]