Day: May 4, 2014

Heather Cook elected Bishop Suffragan of Diocese of Maryland

Congratulations to the Rev. Canon Heather Cook, bishop suffragan-elect in the Diocese of Maryland. From the Living Church: “I am profoundly moved that, after being ordained from the Diocese of Maryland in 1987, I am finally coming home to serve in the diocese that formed me and is in my bones,” Cook said. “With gratitude […]

Thomas Piketty and the Gospel in a Gilded Age

With the introduction of Thomas Piketty’s blockbuster book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” many economists and pundits around the world are sounding off about increasing global wealth concentration and income inequality. At Religion Dispatches, the Rev. Peter Laarman writes about the implications of Piketty’s book and the challenge it represents for all Christians who are […]

March Through London Celebrates 20 Years of Female Clergy in Church of England

Yesterday, in celebration of 20 years of ordained ministry for women in the Church of England, hundreds of priests gathered and marched from Westminster Abbey to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London: “The whole pub – not just the Church people – cheered like mad,” he said. The Reverend Claire Herbert, lecturer in inclusive theology at […]