Day: April 13, 2014

Harvard Divinity School Episcopal/Anglican Fellowship Tackles Capitalism and Christianity

For the past four years, the Harvard Divinity School Episcopal/Anglican Fellowship has brought together leading Christian scholars and practitioners for an ecumenical and academic summit. This year, the Episcopal/Anglican Fellowship put together a symposium called, “Christianity and Capitalism” based on student

Rev. Matthew Wright on Second Axial Age Emergence

The Rev. Matthew Wright, a priest serving St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Brewster, NY, and a member of the Community of the Holy Spirit’s Bluestone Farm, believes that in our interspiritual world, the Christian Wisdom tradition must be revived and reexamined. In the Contemplative Journal, Matthew writes that becoming aware of Wisdom in our own traditions in this second axial age is the key to union, consciousness, and

One Day Of A Life

Maybe any one day of a life, even the most humdrum, has in it something of the mystery of that life as a whole. (Read more here.)

Image above (and on front-page mastheads): Electronic iPad image created by Rev. Dr. Marty Carney from his oil painting after the 1950 woodcut by Fritz Eichenberg, “Christ of the Breadlines.”

Words above by Frederick

A wormhole of disillusionment

Psalm 24, 29; Zechariah 9 certainly sets a prelude to what we have come to expect during the Liturgy of the Palms.

It’s important to remember, as we wave our little palm slivers and holler “Hosanna!” during the Sunday Eucharistic service, that a lot of those folks in the crowd were familiar with the notion that the ruler of the Hebrew people would be “triumphant, victorious, humble, riding in on a donkey, a colt, the foal of a donkey.”

Woo hoo! […]