Day: April 1, 2014

Innovative marketing deal announced

Forward Movement has entered into an agreement with international fast-good giant McDonald’s to issue special Lenten Happy Meals featuring popular saints in what will be called “Holy Heroes Happy Meal.”

Big Deal

John 11:1-45 From the perspective of two millennia, the fact that some guy named Lazarus gets to walk around Bethany an extra twenty or thirty years is no big deal. But the fact that Jesus has conquered death for all eternity is a very big deal… the biggest deal that ever was or ever will …

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Singing the Lord’s song: justice and the church

The focus of the reign of God is primarily on public, communal, political, economic, and historical life rather than on private interior life. The traditional emphasis in Christian ascetical theology on interiority has led the Church in its mission to focus primarily on private, emotional, and family life to the exclusion of public, work, and political life. ~Owen Thomas