Day: March 27, 2014

What can we learn from the Generic Brand Video?

The Generic Brand Video that has been hot on social media lately has nothing specifically to do with the Episcopal Church, but it’s smart and funny and may help you to avoid cliches when promoting your own parish, assuming that is something that you do. What can we learn from it?

Slow church movement counters McDonaldization of worship

There’s a quiet, gentle backlash underway against the mass production of spiritual experience, writes Bob Smietana for Religion News Service: You can’t franchise the kingdom of God, say the authors of “Slow Church,” a new book from InterVarsity Press that applies the lessons of the slow food movement to congregational life. C. Christopher Smith and …

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When the President met the Pope

President Obama met Pope Francis this morning at the Vatican. Pool reporters were kept mostly out of earshot, and so the media are relying on official summaries from the White House and the Vatican about what was said.

A church in constant conflict

Rachel Held Evans tweeted this morning about her response to the World Vision controversy. What she wrote struck a chord with me, even though I wasn’t involved in this particular issues. Here’s what she wrote: