Day: March 4, 2014

Transfiguration of the church

Becoming who we are might be the theme of the story of transgender and The Episcopal Church. The last week we have heard the reflects on our transfiguration within the church and what we have left to learn. A few snippets of her blog, read it all: I was at the last General Convention of […]

Lent Madness begins

A fun and educational way through Lent is Lent Madness – an Episcopal Church take on March Madness (the NCAA basketball version). Print out your bracket – choose your “saints” and join the discussion. Everything you need to know (except which saint to pick) is at Christina the Astonishing.

Lent: gazing at the face of evil

Leaving the prison that night, I stood in the parking lot as the darkness fell around me. I was suddenly confronted with a vision of what faced me. Like a serpent, it wound its coils through generations, crushing innocence, suffocating love. Like a virus, it replicated itself, broadcasting itself through acts of violence and betrayal. Like a plague, it drew power from darkness and secrecy and from those who would turn their heads, unwilling to gaze directly upon its virulence.