Day: March 4, 2014

Lent Madness begins

A fun and educational way through Lent is Lent Madness – an Episcopal Church take on March Madness (the NCAA basketball version). Print out your bracket – choose your “saints” and join the discussion. Everything you need to know (except which saint to pick) is at Christina the Astonishing.

Lent: gazing at the face of evil

Leaving the prison that night, I stood in the parking lot as the darkness fell around me. I was suddenly confronted with a vision of what faced me. Like a serpent, it wound its coils through generations, crushing innocence, suffocating love. Like a virus, it replicated itself, broadcasting itself through acts of violence and betrayal. Like a plague, it drew power from darkness and secrecy and from those who would turn their heads, unwilling to gaze directly upon its virulence.