Day: February 18, 2014

Development policy taking into account sexuality

How does an acceptance and acknowledgment of sexuality change development policy and practice? heteronormativity – the assumption that heterosexuality is the only sexual orientation – as a framework to examine how policies that should allieviate poverty make presumptions about populations and family units. The outcome of not using this approach is that sexual minorities are […]

UTO Board issues new statement

UPDATED: Bylaws and Memorandum of Understanding added below. The Board of the United Thank Offering has issued a statement today that appears to bring a measure of closure to the events of the past few months. The statement clarifies that under the new bylaws and Memorandum of Understanding, the UTO will continue to be entirely […]

Keeping Lent

Ash Wednesday and Lent are coming in 2 weeks. What are your plans this year? 40 ways to keep a joyful, thankful, holy Lent: Lent begins … on Wednesday March 5th – and lasts … around 40 Days. … Today’s post is simply 40 ideas for keeping the 40 days of Lent. The Great Commandment […]

No such thing as “porn addiction”?

“Transgression as Addiction: Religiosity and Moral Disapproval as Predictors of Perceived Addiction to Pornography,” published February 12, 2014 by Archives of Sexual Behavior, concludes essentially that people diagnose themselves as addicted to porn and suffer from the belief that they are addicted, even when they are not, because their churches so pathologize porn consumption. As […]

As good as it gets

The Reverend David Sellery, Author, Resource Creator and Retreat Leader. Committed to a vocation that focuses on encountering God in the midst of everyday life, I serve as an Episcopal priest who seeks to proclaim the good news of God in Christ in worship, pastoral care, education, stewardship, congregational development and community outreach, while continually […]