Day: February 9, 2014

Love on the Deregulated Market

As leading religious figures like Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, continue to advance a global dialogue on wealth inequality, capitalism, and faith in Jesus Christ, Giles Fraser offers a perspective on love in the deregulated marketplace of late modernity. Ahead of Valentine’s day, Fraser invites us to consider those who may […]

Snoring in the Realm of God

…what we discover when we participate in ministries where we are given opportunity to meet people where they are, in a way that we discover who they are, by listening to their stories and about their lives in the hours before they fall asleep. We discover that the Realm of God inches just a wee bit closer to the realm of humanity, when we help make the things happen that reveal the universal natures of all human life.

Gangrenous talk

With that in my work-related mind on a daily basis, it’s no surprise our Epistle caught my attention today, in its discussion of “wrangling with words;” especially the phrase, “…and their talk will spread like gangrene.”