Day: February 6, 2014

What does your parish do well?

Recently, Broderick Greer, a student at Virginia Theological Seminary, asked a simple question on Twitter (where he is @HolaBrody) : What drew you to the Episcopal Church? He captured some of the responses on Storify. Sometimes the answers to these simple questions can refocus our attention on important aspects of our life in the church.

Epiphany: a season of endings and beginnings

People may argue for December because Christmas without all the trimmings (and the people) can be a lonely affair, but, at least in my eyes, the thought of a new year is like a stretch of Route 66 that was as straight as an arrow and went on for what seemed like half a million miles with absolutely nothing much in the way of scenery and the mountains that loomed in the distance never seeming to get any closer.


I’ve always thought I’d make a terrible martyr. I just don’t think I could manage to be strong and centered while being hung up on a cross and stabbed to death with a lance like the Japanese Christians being honored today…. I’d probably be a total disgrace, sobbing and begging for mercy. I would betray all my beliefs, I am just sure of it.