Day: February 1, 2014

Is religion losing ground to sports?

With Super Bowl XLVIII upon us, Chris Beneke, associate professor of history at Bentley University, teams up with Arthur Remillard, associate professor of religious studies at Saint Francis University, to ponder what’s more important in modern society, religion or sports. They write at the Washington Post:

A Super Bowl challenge to do good in the world

Here’s a Super Bowl challenge that allows you to do some good in the world while showing your team spirit. Bishop Greg Rickel of the Diocese of Olympia in Western Washington and Bishop Robert O’Neill of the Diocese of Colorado have issued a Super Bowl challenge to football fans.

Just for laughs

We are presented with something impossible and we laugh, thinking it must be a joke that someone would even suggest that we would be able to do something seemingly miraculous like having a baby in extreme old age or feeding all the hungry children of the world that already exist (or even just a few).

Totes the Super Sunday!

by Rie Linton A teacher once told her children that they could use profanity, just as long as they wrote an essay about the word or words before using it. “You should know your vocabulary,” she stated. “Write about the word’s etymology or history, where it came from, and why it is considered to be …

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