Day: January 28, 2014

Solomon Islands and climate change

From Australia’s Anglican Overseas Aid recently traveled on an annual trip led by the Anglican Church of Malaita to visit Ontong Java, the most northerly part of the Solomon Islands. She

Arguing about church music – deja vu?

Only a short distance from the National Cathedral (DC) a 150 year old fight over music in church is revealed in a recently discovered pamphlet. John Kelly discovered a pamphlet in which a man was going nuts about church music. “What had inflamed him?

Christianity for Dummies

The Reverend David Sellery, Author, Resource Creator and Retreat Leader. Committed to a vocation that focuses on encountering God in the midst of everyday life, I serve as an Episcopal priest who seeks to proclaim the good news of God in Christ in worship, pastoral care, education, stewardship, congregational development and community outreach, while continually …

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