Day: January 23, 2014

Taking council in Virginia

There has been a trend in recent years to use diocesan conventions in the Episcopal Church more as opportunities for training and community building than for considering legislation. The thinking goes that our time together is better spent in learning the skills and cultivating the relationships that will help us to revitalize the church than …

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Church words

As some readers know, I make my living as a communications consultant, working primarily within the church. I frequently write and edit copy intended for church audiences. As a result I come across words, phrases and rhetorical strategies that are distinctive to the church. For instance, people in the church “live into” things more often …

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Watts, Wesley and the hymns I have ‘by heart’

…we hear a lot about the problem of “classical music” just not being accessible to modern seekers. A challenge for me, and for those like me who have been formed in this hymnody, is to stay in touch with the deeper spirituality that is carried in the best of our hymn tradition, both in the music and the poetry – and perhaps to find new expressions of that spirituality.

Rooted and grounded in Christ’s love

Coming to that place of understanding – of the breadth and length and height and depth – of the knowledge of Christ’s love which surpasses knowledge – is coming home. When we know that Christ dwells in our hearts, when we are grounded and rooted in Christ’s love, we are at the place where we belong. Even if we have never been here before, we recognize it, and our spirits soar with joy.