Day: January 5, 2014

Fighting human trafficking at the Super Bowl and beyond

The NFL playoffs, particularly the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, are high season for human trafficking. But trafficking is a year round problem, one the Rev. Brian McVey of Davenport, Iowa has devoted himself to fighting. Rekha Basu of the DesMoines Register writes:

Making those who are invisible visible

Artist Ramiro Gomez takes images of the good life, and then sketches in the invisible domestic workers who make the good life possible. Recently he spoke about his work with Kinsey Sullivan of Policy Mic.

Eve of Epiphany

Psalm 29, 98 Isaiah 66: 18-23 Romans 15:7-13 One of my favorite sayings in the language of Twelve Step spirituality is “Don’t give up before the miracle happens.” That quote is often attributed to Fannie Flagg, but I don’t know whether she really invented it, or she borrowed it from the Twelve Step vocabulary list. …

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