Day: December 11, 2013

Task Force imagines the future for the Episcopal Church

We have identified a number of key issues that we believe must be tackled through structural reform. … Some of these proposals will feel incremental, and many have been debated before. Some will feel bold and risky. Some of them will go beyond the scope of a narrow interpretation of the resolution that created our Taskforce (C095)


Are our deepest feelings just the product of brain chemistry? Graham Lawton of Slate kicks that idea around with Patricia Churchland, author of Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain who “says our hopes, loves and very existence are just elaborate functions of a complicated mass of grey tissue.”

Those Who Don’t, Teach

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 — Week of Advent 2, Year Two [Go to Mission St Clare for an online version of the Daily Office including today’s scripture readings.] Today’s Readings for the Daily Office: Psalms 38 (morning) // 119:25-48 (evening) Amos 8:1-14 Revelation 1:17-2:7 Matthew 23:1-12 For people whose lives are synched to the rhythms …

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