Day: December 3, 2013

An Advent Purist relents

When we insist on a strict observation of Advent, we are the only people — as Christians – who are NOT talking about Christmas and singing “Christmas” hymns* at the exact time when we have the culture’s fullest attention.

This time make it real!

The Reverend David Sellery, Author, Resource Creator and Retreat Leader. Committed to a vocation that focuses on encountering God in the midst of everyday life, I serve as an Episcopal priest who seeks to proclaim the good news of God in Christ in worship, pastoral care, education, stewardship, congregational development and community outreach, while continually […]

Newsflash from Cair Paravel: C.S.Lewis was Irish!

by Deirdre Good When we ignore or gloss over major aspects of a person like C. S. Lewis—roots, religious affiliation, ethnicity—we diminish our own understanding of our subject, rendering the person less rich and less than complete. Current Irish celebrations of the life and death of Clive Staples Lewis highlight a case in point. November […]