Day: November 30, 2013

A Hunger Games Eucharist

It’s a book in which we see a community in dire poverty pushed up against a community of privilege­—in which we hear about a community that is starving, and [another] that has so much excess that at times they actually want to make themselves sick so they can fit in more food.

Joy: the spirituality of the 2013 Red Sox

…without deep pockets or the support of the religious or political establishment, it still grew and flourished. It grew because the Spirit was with them. It grew because Jesus was their leader. But, it grew also, I suspect, because there was joy.

Advent Alphabet

Everything has a beginning and for many churches – Anglican/Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Orthodox (albeit a bit differently) among others –the church year begins with Advent. The Advent season begins four Sundays before Christmas and marks the anticipation of the arrival of the Christ child in the world. Although it’s not a new thing, …

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