Day: November 13, 2013

What religious liberty is… and isn’t

The Rev. Susan Russell states in The Huffington Post that religious liberty is not the liberty to impose your religion on everybody else. Then she gives some illustrations as to what religious liberty grants, and what becomes “imposing”:

Rutgers plans Bruce Springsteen theology class

Eric R. Danton reports in Rolling Stone: The college in New Brunswick, N.J., will be offering a freshman seminar examining the theology of Springsteen, according to a Q&A on the Rutgers Today PR site with Azzan Yadin-Israel, the course professor….

Living off tips

ROC United (Restaurant Opportunities Centers), launched in 2009, is campaigning to Raise the Tipped Minimum Wage, using the hashtag #livingofftips and featuring this video including Gloria Steinem:

Exile and return

They saw the hole left in their own lives when they were forced to leave home, but did they think about the holes in the community and the families that were left behind?