Day: October 30, 2013

“What, you gave a schism and nobody came?”

Andrew Brown writes in The Guardian that schism in the Anglican Communion no longer matters. He responds to the news that “…the evangelical wing of the Church of England announced – yet again – its plans to rebel against any open accommodation with gay people”:

Can’t wait for movement on poverty…

Greg Kaufmann in The Nation, in preparation for Friday when “48 million people—including more than 21 million children—will see their food stamp (SNAP) benefits reduced”, looks at the timing of the cuts, recent history concerning the addressing of poverty, and then says that a “Movement on Poverty” is in order:

Pope Francis and “the boy in yellow”

Making waves on the internet is a wonderful series of photographs and video of Pope Francis and “the boy in yellow”. Pope Francis delivered a speech during an audience with families in St. Peter’s Square gathered for the Pontifical Council for the Familyís plenary assembly, at the Vatican, Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013

Re-imagining Diocesan Convention

…radically reimagining diocesan convention could give us the best of belonging to both a small and large church; diocesan convention, instead of being an annual burden, might become one of the high points of the ecclesial year. Laity and clergy might even clamor for convention to meet more than once a year!