Day: October 6, 2013

Do animals grieve?

Something on the emotions of animals for all who have been celebrating their animals companions and all other animals this weekend. What did your church do this year? Add links in comments.

What The Church Health Plan bill would fix in the PPACA

An employee’s loss of incentive to stay in a plan designed with the employee’s profession in mind is an effect that reasonable people might agree is undesirable. The question is, couldn’t employers of other kinds of workers make equally compelling arguments for health plans tailored for their employees’ needs? If so, shouldn’t the church as servant to the community be pursuing a comprehensive fix? Or, if none exists, no fix at all?

Truth will out

By the time I had signed for my check and walked off, I made a decision to lie about something. I decided that if asked what I do, I would lie and say that I was “a nonessential government employee.” This, I reasoned, would have the double benefit of bringing both awareness of a much larger issue and and keeping me from hearing an hour-long confession I was not prepared to hear.