Day: October 3, 2013

Bishop Budde offers her garden for weddings displaced by shutdown

All over the country, wedding plans have been, well, shut down by the shutdown of the federal government. Anyone planning an October wedding at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, for example, or Golden Gate National Recreation Area or any other federal site is scrambling to come up with an alternative. Twenty-four weddings had been […]


Some insist we are a “Christian” nation but how can we be if we ignore the very people Jesus spoke about the most – the poor, the ill, the widows and orphans? How can we claim it if we enable the rich to get richer while the poor only get poorer? Whether we are Christian, a member of some other religion or no religion at all, we all bear a share of the blame.

Bishop Thom talks about his cancer; promotes value of early screening

Prayers, best wishes and thanks to Bishop Brian Thom of Idaho for sharing news of his recent prostate cancer diagnosis and touting the importance of early detection. He reports that “the combination of vigilance, great doctors, and some cool robotics (as well as the prayers of the good people of the Diocese of Idaho and […]