Day: September 3, 2013

Syria conflict perspectives

Syria continues to dominate the news: Jonathan Merritt, on RNS, offers thoughts from three different Christian leaders In the National Catholic Reporter, Thomas Reese collects what moral theologians say about getting involved in Syria. Meanwhile, the United States Conference of Bishops has sent an Action Alert to urge Congress to “choose dialogue and diplomacy” in […]

Fundamentalism enters the church of baseball

… when Major League Baseball announced last week that it was planning to introduce instant replay to games, thereby allowing umpires to stop play after a difficult call and watch the whole thing again in slow-motion, all I could think, with a tinge of sadness, was that a new, especially virulent kind of fundamentalism had arrived in America’s First Church.

Change: unsafe at any speed

by Maria L. Evans Almighty God, by the radiance of your Son’s appearing you have purified a world corrupted by sin: We humbly pray that you would continue to be our strong defense against the attacks of our enemies; and grant that [this____________and] whatsoever in this church has been stained or defiled through the craft […]