Day: August 25, 2013

First Amendment cases coming before the Supreme Court

With the Supreme Court already committed to rule on a major new test of the constitutional roles of religion and government, the prospect of additional cases reaching the Court now suggests that the next Term will be a significant one for the First Amendment’s two religion clauses.

Growing in faith

Following Christ may also mean that we are called to challenge the legality of things that oppress the marginalized, whether it’s the homeless, the hungry, or the abused.

A radical re-imaging The Episcopal Church

Presume, even if just for a couple of moments, that the prophets of doom are correct in predicting that denominations – including The Episcopal Church (TEC) – are living dinosaurs, anachronisms from a bygone era that will soon die off completely. If accurate, those predictions invite, perhaps demand, a radical rather than incremental re-imagining of TEC because we have little to lose.