Day: August 12, 2013

Are a church’s fixed costs too high?

I am not sure what I make of this column by Thom Schultz of Holy Soup. But I thought it might stir some useful conversation. He writes: The American Red Cross spends 8 percent of its revenues on administrative and fundraising expenses. World Vision spends 14 percent. Compassion International spends 16 percent.

CPG advocates for Church Health Plan bill

If you can set aside the Washington politics surrounding the bill, what are your views of its merits? For instance, should the church advocate for tax credits for its clergy and lay employees but not advocate that the tax credits also be extended to workers employed by businesses? Is their work any less sacred?

Church in Zimbabwe in jeopardy again

The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe is once again in a vulnerable position, following the re-election of Robert Mugabe. Robert Marquand of The Christian Science Monitorhas the story, which includes this information:

The program year approaches

Summer begins to wane. The program year approaches. What developments would let you know that your congregation was changing for the better? What role do you envision for yourself in making hoped-for changes a reality?