Day: July 1, 2013

In honor of the fallen firefighters

Yesterday, 19 firefighters were killed fighting a forest fire in Yarnell, Arizona. In their honor, a prayer, and some words from Young Men and Fire by Norman Maclean, the author of A River Runs Through It. Please add your own thoughts and prayers in the comments section below.

Does your congregation resemble your neighborhood?

The mobility of our society notwithstanding, a parish church exists in part to be in relationship with people in a specific geographic area. And, as we begin to understand that the church that says “come and see” is giving way (of necessity) to the church that moves out from behind its walls and says “here we are,” cultivating relationship with your neighbors is more important than ever.

Waste and want

Households throw away $252 billion in food each year, as much as the market capitalization of Microsoft. From Why Poverty?

Transgender faith movement grows

Jaweed Kaleem at the Huffington Post becomes one of the first religion writers to explore the increasingly visible transgender presence in faith communities in the United States. He writes: