Day: June 11, 2013

Immigration reform bill clears first hurdle

The Senate overcame a critical hurdle on Tuesday toward advancing the first immigration overhaul in a generation that would affect the nation’s 11 million unauthorized immigrants, all U.S. employers and future legal immigrants.

10 things you can’t do and follow Jesus

Lots of people claim to be “following Jesus” and then they do stuff like this. Sure, people who follow Jesus do these things all the time, but you can’t say you are doing them because you are trying to follow Jesus’ example.

Moral Mondays

Despite tornado warnings across the state, several thousand demonstrators gathered Monday under rainy skies to continue the weekly protests of the new policies and laws coming out of the General Assembly.


When you know you are completely loved, completely safe and completely accepted, you are free to be who you are. You can live non-defensively — openly and generously.