Day: June 10, 2013

Churches are returning to the Diocese of San Joaquin

Sue Nowicki of the Modesto Bee writes: The knock echoed loudly Sunday afternoon through the sanctuary of St. Francis Episcopal Church. It was the Rev. Chester Talton, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, rapping with his crosier and asking for permission to enter.

Learning from the Edge

The inner circle didn’t understand. Maybe they were too close. But when Jesus took the twelve aside and tried to explain to them the most important aspect of his calling and mission, they didn’t get it.

The Christian Century reviews Speaking Faithfully

At its heart, however, Speaking Faithfully is theological, not technical: communication is proclamation. The way the church chooses to speak to the world reflects its faith. … Churches that do not figure out how to talk to those not already part of their community give a poor showing as disciples of Christ, a master communicator who used vivid, creative strategies to teach and bless the people he encountered.