Day: June 5, 2013

After the murder…

The University of San Francisco (Jesuit) alumni magazine tells the story not of redemption, but of transformation and the ability to change: the story of Leonard Rubio, who at the age of 18 murdered his girlfriend.

Church of England gives up the fight against marriage equality

The Bill now requires improvement in a number of other key respects, including in its approach to the question of fidelity in marriage and the rights of children. If this Bill is to become law, it is crucial that marriage as newly defined is equipped to carry within it as many as possible of the virtues of the understanding of marriage it will replace.

Boosting nursing in Haiti

The Wall Street Journal’s Melanie Grayce West writes a story on Carol Roye and her colleagues’ efforts to train and accredit nurses in Haiti, leading to better care and greater respect. An excerpt:

Rethinking ASA

Tom Ehrich’s Religion News Service article on Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) as “a meaningless metric” is picked up by The Washington Post’s On Faith:

Ira Glass thinks Christians get the “short end the media stick”

Ira Glass, the non-believing child of secular Jews does his tribe proud by volunteering the opinion that Christians get a bum rap in the national media. The portrayal of Christians as “doctrinaire crazy hothead people” doesn’t square with fond recollections of former public radio colleagues who kept Bibles on their desks and invited him to …

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