Day: June 3, 2013

Hunger for Profit

Great fortunes are being made in agriculture. But people around the world are still going hungry. This five minute video from examines the issue from several points of view.

Class warfare comes to the multiplex

I won’t pretend there are no differences between Republicans and Democrats on these issues. … But it has been several decades since the Democrats made any serious effort to speak for the underclass, the disinherited, those beneath the middle of the middle class

Being Reconciled to God

Over and over Paul speaks of reconciliation, but almost always he speaks of our being reconciled toward God. In Paul’s language, it is human beings who are offended, angry, even hostile toward God. It it we who need to be reconciled to God. In Paul’s view, we find ourselves in a helpless and hostile condition toward God, and we need to sense ourselves reconciled to God.

New Lutheran bishop is legally blind

“The church has done something bold by electing as bishop someone who has a disability and is legally blind. The playbook hasn’t been written yet, but the church and the world will take notice. This is the Spirit’s doing,” said Satterlee in an interview.