Day: June 3, 2013

Hunger for Profit

Great fortunes are being made in agriculture. But people around the world are still going hungry. This five minute video from examines the issue from several points of view.

Being Reconciled to God

Over and over Paul speaks of reconciliation, but almost always he speaks of our being reconciled toward God. In Paul’s language, it is human beings who are offended, angry, even hostile toward God. It it we who need to be reconciled to God. In Paul’s view, we find ourselves in a helpless and hostile condition toward God, and we need to sense ourselves reconciled to God.

Into the Woods: installation of a Vicar

by Anthony “Bud” Thurston I’ve chosen some words from the Broadway musical, written by Stephen Sondheim, entitled, “Into the Woods.” This musical is essentially a parable about foreboding wilderness and bright hilltops; about superficial deceit and deep human compassion; about terrifying wolves and giants and warm and engaging children—and at one and the same time […]