Day: May 29, 2013

An interview with Barbara Brown Taylor

Her recent preaching series Feasting on the Word (co-edited with David L. Bartlett) continues to be essential to many Episcopal priests, but Barbara Brown Taylor’s influence goes well beyond the pulpit.

The power of interfaith’s embrace

In the aftermath of a vicious anti-semitic attack on a northern New Jersey synagogue, the local interfaith community rallied around Rabbi Nosson Schuman and his congregation. Rabbi Schuman’s synagogue, Congregation Beth-El, which also serves as his home, was firebombed as he and his family slept.

Folly and Pride Unbound

It’s obvious to see the good news this story offers to everyone whose wheels have fallen off. This is good news to those who have been obviously stupid and self-indulgent.

It is less obvious how good this news is for the elder son.