Day: April 28, 2013

An Episcopal School serving children with limited resources

Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School is an independent, faith-based middle school for students of limited resources primarily from Richmond, Virginia’s East End neighborhood. All students receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend. Through a program focused on academic, social, and spiritual development, we help students set their sights on college and responsible citizenship.

Autopsy of a deceased church

“I believe the church will close its doors in five years.” I was wrong. The church closed just a few weeks ago. Like many dying churches, it held on to life tenaciously. This church lasted ten years after my terminal diagnosis.

Who is Wisdom?

Daily Office Readings for April 28: Psalm 24, 29 (Morning) Psalm 8, 84 (Evening) Wisdom 7:22-8:1 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17 Matthew 7:7-14 Wisdom 7:22-8:1 (NRSV) …for wisdom, the fashioner of all things, taught me. There is in her a spirit that is intelligent, holy, unique, manifold, subtle, mobile, clear, unpolluted, distinct, invulnerable, loving the good, keen, …

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