Day: April 24, 2013

“I have depression.”

I have a hopeful depression. I am unafraid of my illness, I know that at times it will be unbearable, but I know in it all I am not alone. I look forward to the time when this hope is shared by the church and all those in it suffering quietly and in fear of what their friends would say.

Wanted: An adult faith in a youth culture

But I want a church where I know and feel that the adults are in charge, where wisdom trumps enthusiasm, where historical perspective is considered, where depth is valued as much as breadth, where stories have shaped us for generations.

The Values of the Kingdom

Jesus tells us how to live within the values and vision of God’s Kingdom which he has inaugurated as Messiah. He tells us how to live as citizens of that Kingdom.

But more than that, we are told to live this way because this is how God is.