Day: April 18, 2013

Obama: ‘God has not given us a spirit of fear’

At a prayer service in Boston today, President Obama told mourners: “We come together to pray and mourn and measure our loss. But we also come together today to reclaim that state of grace — to reaffirm that the spirit of this city is undaunted and the spirit of this country shall remain undimmed.”

Breaking: Virginia Supreme Court rules in favor of Diocese

Breaking News: The Falls Church News Press reports that the Virginia Supreme Court has upheld the ruling of the Fairfax Circuit Court conveying the property of the historic Falls Church to the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and members of the congregation who did not defect from that church in 2006.

The N.R.A.’s political protection racket

Gabrielle Giffords writes poignantly in the New York Times of her anger and disappointment at the cowardice displayed by senators who voted yesterday against making it harder for criminals and the mentally ill to gain access to deadly firearms.

We pray for West, Texas

We pray this morning for the town of West, Texas, which has been devastated by a deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. West is a small Central Texas town of 2,800 people. Casualties have been rushed to a hospital in Waco, about 20 miles south. This prayer from A New Zealand Prayer Book is one …

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The Call

Everyday Mysteries With others she manages a website for the Diocese of Colorado highlighting congregations’ creative ministries: