Day: April 5, 2013

Gateway to hell

If you are looking for the highway to hell, your search is over. Italian archeologists believe they have found it in southwestern Turkey.

The Testament of Mary

Colm Tobin’s one woman show explores the life of the mother of Jesus, before the layers of piety defined her image for the church. The Rev. Jon Richardson reviews the play.

Persecution? Or simply losing the argument?

Retired Archbishop George Carey has said that Christians who oppose marriage equality are being persecuted. Which raises the question, when is persecution persecution and when us it that sinking feeling that accompanies losing the argument?

One Name

Whenever Christians see the spirit of compassion, healing, sacrificial love, and any other characteristic of Jesus active and powerful, we see the spirit of Jesus, the being of Jesus, the very name of Jesus once again incarnate in the world.

Teaching attorneys to listen

Brother Curtis Almquist of the Society of St. John the Evangelist will teach the art of listening at the invitation of the St. Petersburg Bar Association this week..

Changing the familiar

by Linda Ryan I had the radio on last night, listening to my favorite classical station as I tried to drift off to sleep. The announcement came over the air that the next selection would be the perennial favorite, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Oh, great, I thought. Just what I need. That old hack I’ve heard …

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