Day: March 18, 2013

Faith groups seizing moment to fight gun violence

Daniel Schultz has an excellent round-up of the faith-based efforts to reduce gun violence on the website of Christian Century. It includes both Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence, whose leader, Vinny DeMarco, recently spoke to the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops and CROSSwalk, an initiative of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

Revisioning charity

Conventional wisdom about nonprofits is managers should work for lesser wages than the business sector and donations should go to direct aid not advertising. Dan Pallotta, founder of the AIDS Bike Ride and other charities, says, “everything the donating public has been taught about giving is dysfunctional.” He aims to transform the way society thinks …

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Rob Bell backs marriage equality; NOM loses its GOP base

Two developments in the campaign for marriage equality suggest that things keep moving in the right direction. At an appearance at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, prominent evangelical pastor Rob Bell endorsed marriage equality. Meanwhile, in suburban Washington, D. C., the leaders of the National Organization for Marriage faced an almost empty room at CPAC, a gathering known for its hardline conservatism.

Hall: We are in this gun violence work for the long haul

We need to work together to lessen the occurrence of gun deaths not because people are evil but because we’re neither as smart nor invulnerable as we like to think ourselves. We need each other to make our way through life. That’s what society, that’s what the church, is all about.