Day: March 11, 2013

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

The Anglican Church of Canada is producing videos of the Stations of the Cross. Today, the Rev. Scott McLeod reflects on the eighth Station of the Cross: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem. He shares a story of how God worked through a chance encounter with a suffering woman.

Bishop Tarrant speaks on ministering among the historically hated

He said that over 50% of Episcopalians in South Dakota are Lakota, 60% of whom live below the poverty line. Unemployment is as high as 85%. He told several stories of contemporary Lakota women and men in his diocese, modern day Holy Women, Holy Men whose courage, perseverance and amazing generosity in such a difficult context are continually inspiring.

Bishop Martins: We are “processing some degree of anger”

We reaffirmed our belief in the assertions of our amicus brief. We continue to believe that the polity of the Episcopal Church as characterized by the 2009 Bishops’ Statement on Polity is true and correct. We have not in any way backed away from this position. Yes, we acknowledged that it is “likely a minority view.” Indeed, it probably is at this time. But this does not make it any less true.

Don’t think of a Hippopotamus

I’ve never quiet understood some of Paul’s argument in this passage from Romans. He seems to imply that the law is a little bit like someone saying, “Don’t think of a hippopotamus.” By putting a name to sin, the law raises the sin to our consciousness.

How is your congregation doing financially?

Nearly half of responding congregations reported budget increases for 2012 compared with 2011. Increases were likely to be allocated toward salaries, outreach programs, mission activities, and revenue-generating activities.