Day: March 8, 2013

How many people do you know who’ve been shot?

The Washington Post Sunday magazine asked people how many people they knew who had been shot. The Rev. Mary Jo Ledgerwood of the Diocese of Virginia spoke of the shootings at St. Peter’s in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Justin Welby biography released

A biography of Archbishop Justin Welby compiles his writings from his days as a parish priest and later as Bishop of Durham. Whether or not it really tells us anything is a separate question.

Accord reached on complaints against bishops

Breaking: A “conciliation” agreement has been reached between the Standing Committees of two Episcopal dioceses and bishops who filed amicus briefs supporting breakaway dioceses bid to hold on to the property, assets and name of the dioceses of Quincy and Fort Worth.

Bring your cell phone to church

Last Sunday, St. Andrew’s, Pearland, Texas, asked congregants to “Please use your cell phone.” to church, because when they take pictures of the service and post them on social media sites, live blog the service or e-mail their friends they are also bringing their friends to church


Sometimes churches are very conflict averse. We seem to think that being Christian equals being nice. Not so, say Jeremiah, Paul, and Jesus.