Day: March 6, 2013

School director memorialized on anniversary of tragedy

Dale Regan, the head of the Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Florida, who was killed in her office one year ago today, was remembered at a memorial service this morning. Students, faculty, family and friends gathered under the majestic old oak tree at the center of the school’s campus, Florida, a spot Regan particularly loved. A […]


When you know yourself to be securely grounded in God, there is an essential sense of safety that can liberate us from the fear and anxiety that accompanies so many troubles. It is a state much to be desired. It is a gift that takes faith to receive.

Paul is an icon of that security.

The church’s mission: selling the Church Center and moving

By Dan Webster Deputies at last year’s General Convention seemed pretty clear about the Episcopal Church selling its New York City headquarters building and moving Church Center offices out of Manhattan. Last month the Executive Oversight Committee recommended the headquarters stay put at 815 Second Avenue. The report to Executive Council listed several reasons including […]